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This blog site is a full dedication to the woman who brought Ng’ang’a  to this world – and she happens to be her mother-Hannah Njoki
He  was  fortunate to have been brought up by a woman who never determined what was good for her children.
This could be viewed simple but let me assure you it was a challenging bit for now she set us into a task of determininhe has  himself to congratulate . And on the other hand – should one  fail he has himself to blame.
Ng’ang’a is glad that he congratulates  himself and the apparent reason is so clear.

Long live my mother.
I will never call you by name instead i will call you
A seer who saw for me.
 You are next after God.
You molded us.
And here we are today
We may not own everything but at least
am comfortable with what you give us.



Dear Religious Fanatics,Atheists are not Satanists

Any person trying to justify in-existence of God cannot win their argument before mentioning ‘God’ several times. The mere mention of the word ‘GOD’ in their debates presupposes His existence .This would simply denote that they are aware that he exists but choose to act blind, force their way in, collect all sorts of evidence-just in attempt to prove that indeed God does not exist. Atheists are so much infatuated in God that they believe doesn’t exist than in professing their own faith.

Your social media account is your today’s C.V. Be sure to post only what adds value to it

Truth is, we are subsisting in an era where social media is the best tool to reach out to the public and have our say. Even so, most of us don’t care what message, what video, what image, what audio; we let circulate in the aforesaid platforms. It’s about time we start giving it a second thought. You might not be aware but the little things eventually torment someone’s self-esteem. You psychologically kill that person without knowing.
You all heard about the ill reputed Ken Wa Mwangi that went exposing his malevolent and nasty mind to the whole world with a single Facebook post. Though he later made an apology, the damage was beyond repair. His pathetic point of view concerning sex with minors was at its best according to that post. But what were his intentions? It goes without saying. An intended pun. But what did we interpret? A mere Facebook post cost him his job.

Superiority Complexity can be cured only by the honesty of humility

Conditions in life are never permanent .Today you have it all, tomorrow all that you had is gone. Who will be there to lend a hand to you? It could be those you are down trodding and treating them with contempt. You never know. Worst of it is when you have terribly failed and degraded but you can still not accept the ‘new life’, what is termed as mid life crisis. The new ‘reality’ .We all know that if you argue with the reality at the end you lose. At This point you begin to act so arrogantly in an effort to mask all of your inferiorities, failures and shortcomings .You cannot with stand all that shame. Such an act is what we term as superiority complex- a psychological defense system in which a person’s feelings of bigness tries to counter his or her feelings of failure .When nothing in their life seems to work they vacillate  and begins to blame anything and anyone  around them . They start blaming the environment they are in, friends they keep, country they are in and certainly they blame everything! They know that nothing is wrong about them.




wp-1470089887453.jpegSomeone said that everything happens for and with a reason. But our greatest fear is that we don’t know that reason.  We have many of us who find themselves in life that seems like all doors are closed. No single door makes way for us. A t this point let me deem some lime light: Have you interminably heard about God’s test? He did that to Jesus who was his son, who are we not to be tested?



fghDear readers, when we die, factually we are gone. To our dear Dear readers, when we die, factually we are gone. To our dear Christians-they hope to see you again after Jesus’ second coming, our Hindu brothers; hopes that you will reincarnate and come back to life in another form. To me we only live once, and for that matter die once also. Death means termination of life. Blood will no longer flow in your veins. Once we are gone, people will have very little that they can do to bring us back. They shall mourn  send condolences, the first day or even the second one, they shall put us in the obituaries but that won’t wake up us from death.




There was a time I was and I used to be a weaning baby, yes a crawling baby @ngangathebloggertoothless child. Those were the days I was not fathoming what really goes around the world. I did not know much about planet earth. I only had a vague glimpse of my mother and a few people who used to baby-seat me



most-humbleHave you ever taken some time off your busy schedule to do a quick overview? You look back and see how good those people you thought you were better than are doing? You were only advantaged by an element of time. And if I may ask, where are they now? Are you still better than them? I guess not, they are far much ahead of you.



1000 ksh note

When a child is born and immediately starts talking and walking, wont you be startled?
Won’t you say this is associated with sorcery or conspiracy? Why? This answer is quite simple? Typically, as soon as the baby is born, he should crawl, talk, walk, and among numerous others.

Exams are Just But Part Of The Journey Of Life , Destination Is Still in our Hands!!

An A which is genuinely worked for has not lost its meaning,
l believe what has lost meaning is that A awarded to a D material
that never worked for it. So let me not look like am mocking the fruits
of hard work.We have revolutionized our education systems from
knowledge gaining institutions to exam-centered institutions.

Three Things My 21 Years Of Age Have Taught me.


Monday 15th February 2016 marked my 21st birthday.All of my great friends – friends to die for gathered to celebrate me .Each one of them had an unsimilar version  of who  i was to them.We enjoyed it and it was really astounding.Period!! That was the birthday.As friends made the scene colorful and lovely there was a point at issue that was lingering in my mind and it really took sometime for me to unravel it  but thank God at last i got  the way out

                WELCOME ALL  &
                 FEEL AT  EASE!



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