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Disrupt The Status Quo

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~Currently Kelvin Ng'ang'a is Kenyan based blogger with Kenyan-Ish accent and has interest in trendy and techish stuffs. He is also a student at Kenyatta University pursuing a bachelor of science-Forensic Science. You are warmly welcomed to read his blogs. Comments, opinion and criticisms are highly welcomed. Get an Easy Start,feel at ease! Know what you never saw and see what you never saw! My blogs, My space It's how I choose to tell it!

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January 2016
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Strive to be a Visionary. 

Some people would wish to continue to hover in the territories of their own familiarity. They fear to get out terrains that they are not accustomed to. We would loosely term this as Fear of Unknown.
They simply cannot try out what they do not know and are very satisfied with where they are at a particular time,may it be in business ,academics, political approach  or just in making  general mileage in life .

This are the same kinds who abides to the law of logic to the latter which states that an A is an A. An Apple is an Apple. In other words, something is what it is and not necessarily what one thinks.

And therefore most of this people would choose to do things the way they found them.
They relentlessly follows status quo and have never dared to disrupt it.
This kind of people is who most of us are and most people you see around follows under this part of a normal curve of –Ordinary People.
Ordinary people never risks they merely are risk covers.

They will never execute a business idea that they have, they can never dare to contest for a democratic post for all that they see is negativity,defeat and impossibility.

A positive mind set is so foreign to them.
They see a glass which is half empty.

If you come across them and tell them to attempt a a particular thing and it happens that they absolutely have no idea ,They will walk away and tell you “THAT’S NOT WHO I AM.”
What a conservative ,rigid and a stifled mindset  they have .People who do not create possibilities of who they can become.

In most case these people subscribe to school of thought that is driven by a cowardly philosophy – BETTER DEVIL YOU KNOW THAN AN ANGEL YOU DO NOT.

They will never lose the sight of the shore and its guaranteed that they will never discover new lands .

This are people who were born with innate ability to crawl but  they would choose to be sitting,though they were meant to walk they choose to be crawling ,they can fly but they prefer to be  walking others totally choose to do nothing.

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Thank God we have ,though few ,special kind of people well known as Visionaries or foresighted men .

People who are foresighted and are  able to imagine and create future at the present moment.

They are able to create a possibility out of impossibility- to them every thing is possible not even the word itself the word says i’m possible.

They fly even when they were bound to walk.

They can crawl even when they were meant to sit.

They see a  glass half full.

They have a positive mindset all the time and are ever  yearning to procure  new knowledge and skills.

However they suffer from constant criticism and ridicule, others would say they are abnormal . Just like i said they are ever positive and you will see them take this as a compliment for they know that its only abnormal people who changes the world


Strive to be a visionary

Now as we wide up the talk  and begin a new year ,Someone is seeing this and evidently realizes that he follows under the category of ordinary people; its high time you rise up ,engage the right gears and catch up with Visionaries as they run this world with great zeal.

Have a foresighted year 2016 as you purpose to be a visionary!!!


Whereas all efforts have been made to end up with this blog published  errors and omissions in whatsoever form ,are subject,do not  hesitate to contact the author.


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  1. robin kabesa says:

    Nice article, ..


  2. G Franc says:

    Well, I must say that I am not underwhelmed by this creativity. I know positive words like these keep us on track and we never have to fall for reasons we can handle. Your work is awesome doctor! Big up and keep the flame ablaze!!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. That is what happens way to often, people don’t challenge the status quo. If more of us do, the world will be a better place, less sheep and more lions.

    Good read, short and sweet.


  4. Isaac says:

    wonderful job… quite inspirational …. move on boy


  5. Milans says:

    Cool bruh

    Liked by 1 person

  6. michael says:

    Nice bro…good article.


  7. Lydia says:

    very true, so inspiring

    Liked by 1 person

  8. sam says:

    awesome words there…u said it all

    Liked by 1 person

  9. Sharon Kemboi says:

    This piece is very encouraging .. Its better having a vision than to perish.

    Liked by 1 person

  10. Ruth njeri says:

    your articles are very inspiring. Keep

    them coming.

    Liked by 1 person

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  13. otumojunior says:

    Great works By Kelvin bigupsss Me love this

    Liked by 1 person

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