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Spirit of Enthusiasm

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January 2016
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“Just as a stagnant water produces a bad smell , so is a stagnant career , it breeds frustration and low morale. ”

bad oduor.jpg

It took some weeks for me to try and apprehend what the term enthusiasm means and among the best description of the word I got was that enthusiasm is  “the spirit of god within”.

Dwelling on this then the Spirit of enthusiasm would simply be termed as the force(from that god) that propels and  keeps us moving  ;thus it  deters us from stagnation.

Stagnation brings to halt  personal and societal development .Just as stagnant water produces a bad smell , so is a stagnant career , it breeds frustration and low morale.

Those are the people who have never ever felt satisfied  with their current dwelling zones. Nobody should be at peace when they keep doing  what they have been doing there before  for  no different outcomes are expected .




In actual sense this is what Albert Einstein termed as Insanity.

You must deliberately make sure that you are doing something much different from what you have been doing otherwise it will be a total of crap.

Rt. Honorable Raila Amolo Odinga is  a  strong  and influential politician who have been eying the presidential seat with all might since year 1997 up-to date .He acts as a good case study reference to those who have a strong conviction that practice practice makes perfect. Standing clear on this, its not going  to be a practice of the same things every now and then and instead its a practice of  junks of  activities targeting the same objective.

When this doesn’t work try that!

Be a game changer use plan B if plan A proves to be futile.

Shuffle those cards again and see the results.

Stagnation will see you nowhere ;and if it will , it will only see you being irrelevant and before long you become totally  nonexistent.

(People also read:Be You World Will Adjust )

The fact that your company is the best selling today its not a guarantee that it will remain on top in five years time.

Its time  for the company to keep plugging in new ideas as they emerge in this evolving world .If Nokia the  renown mobile phone  manufacturer would file for bankruptcy then no one of us is immune of being irrelevant.

An idea no matter how brilliant it is; has a shell life and sell by date for they keep being outdated by the current needs and situations.An idea that you are having now will be  totally out of place in ten years time.

What makes your idea suitable today :its merely because of the prevailing circumstances.

If you have any idea may it be in  business , in science,in politics or in any other field rise up and make it practical today.

An idea is good, better when relevant and becomes the best when executed.

If you happen to meet your friend who you last saw in 2010 and then you all over sudden bump onto him in 2016 , then before he greets you the first thing he says is “Oh my God , you haven’t changed a lot”

My dear friend you should be worried and don’t take this as a compliment for all that he has deduced is that you have wasted a whole six years.

YOU in 2010 should be very different from YOU in 2016 in terms of thinking ,building personal capacity , reasoning and emotional balance should be changing as time  and circumstance forces.

In any case change is inevitable.

Embrace upward mobility and forward progress .

Count on me ,things will change if you stick to this.

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  1. Dennis says:

    Wow…! A good thought. Always stagnant water ends up with pungent smell and a dwelling place for mosquitoes and other small destructive organisms, like wise stagnant mind/thoughts and career leads to frustration, desperation and at times evil deeds like crime commissions

    Liked by 1 person

  2. winnie says:

    Awesome… loved this article

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Winnie says:

    Awesome,,rebuking the spirit of stagnation and embracing the spirit of eenthusiasm.. 👍


  4. Freeman says:

    Your such a rational thinker……… your approach of articulating realities………….keep the motivations keeping,love your philosophy!!!!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. MacDanteh Kim says:

    Its motivating and gearing upward mobility.Awesome brother


  6. MacDanteh Kim says:

    Awesome article..Its gearing upward mobilty

    Liked by 1 person

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