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Three things My 21 Years Of Age Have Taught Me

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February 2016
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  • “You have a legacy to protect so proceed with caution”

            Ng’ang’a The Blogger 


Monday 15th February 2016 marked my 21st birthday.

All of my great friends – friends to die for gathered to celebrate me .

Each one of them had an unsimilar version  of who  i was to them.

We enjoyed it and it was really astounding.


Period!! That was the birthday.

As friends made the scene colourful and lovely there was a point at issue that was lingering in my mind and it really took sometime for me to unravel it  but thank God at last i got  the way out .

The question was – what has my 21 years stay on Earth Taught Me?

And here are the teachings i have gotten,


I have made, though not more, rounds here in Kenya ;I have interacted with a lot of people ranging from prominent and celebrities to impecunious poverty stricken folks residing in dilapidated slums of Kiandutu and i have come to a subtle conclusion that no one successful makes it when they detach themselves from God.

Humility is the key here, when one humbles himself before God, God makes him stand before Men.

Someone said that “Our best-no matter how good it will never be complete if we leave God out of the picture.

Its only when a creature connects itself with its creator that it gets to know its purpose.

Since the creator have got the original plans of the creature.Connect yourself to  God and sure enough you will know your purpose in this life.


   2.Always develop a positive Mindset.

Mindset is that picture that we create towards all that we come across. This is what most people would loosely term as ATTITUDE. A positive mindset enable you to achieve even when it is seemingly impossible.

A positive frame mind is your vehicle to success . Its the determinant of how  you respond to challenges, approach change and deal with difficulties—even how you think about yourself—are all key factors in success, both in life and business .

A negative mind is not teachable ,its conservative and hard to change. It subscribe to a school of thought driven by a rigid philosophy which says that an Old Monkeys are never taught ways of the forest.

No one is too  or old or young to learn something. You just need to accept that you don’t know by that you are creating a room for packing more knowledge .Let you know that your mind is the most elastic organ you possess and  it can stretch beyond your comprehension. So anytime you say that you can’t please be  remembering this .

Do not become a captive of cynicism all is possible

                  {Read Also: You Can as Well as Make it in Africa}



   3.You have a legacy to protect ,so proceed with caution.

There is a day that we will all wake up to a rude shock.

That day when you shall  relinquish life  and you will be no more.

Your life chapter will be closed that day.

This day is never known and if we do we only speculate

This is the day that your family members will unite  to grieve over you.

Friends will wear black  , others  will wail all along  but that won’t wake you up from death.

People will start coining their sides of stories .Some will get off chest that you really became of help when they most needed you and more narratives  of that sort.

Money that you had will get finished , status that you had acquired will fade away , your position in job will be succeeded, all  wealth that you had amassed-cars, buildings , real estates  will all  be inherited by your children and relatives  .

Everything that you had will get over and be done with.

Amid of all there is one thing we are assured that will forever remain  even when you are gone-legacy!

Legacy is to define how you want to be remembered when you are not there to defend yourself.

What kind of image do you want to leave in people’s mind? A hero? The best athlete? The most wanted criminal? A terrorist?

Anytime i hear  Wangari Maathai being mentioned i see a clean and a  green environment.

Talk about  of Osama Bin Laden reminds me of terrorists

When Idi Amin is named  anywhere he reminds me of tyrannical leaders.

What do you want to be  known for by generations and generation’s generations? Be remembered for good things that you did and many lives that you transformed for better.

 In a snapshot you’ve got to apprehend that you have a legacy to protect so that when you are gone it will speak on your behalf.

As i hope to count more years , turn more pages and chapter of this short  life i will have to keep in mind that  every day is  the first day of the rest of my  life or career.  I don’t care if it’s not Monday or January 1st.  The other six days of the week or 364 days of the year work too.  This means that I get to box up all my  so-called failures as if they never happened.  Unfortunately, this means you box up your successes too. The great news is that both of these actually cause strain which you can now let go.  Every day technically is a new beginning.

Whereas all efforts have been made to end up with this blog published  errors and omissions in whatsoever form ,are subject,do not  hesitate to contact the author.


The author doesn’t own some of the images contained herein;they exclusively belong to the copyrighted owners.

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  1. Milans says:

    True bruh

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  2. Marggieh says:

    I love this one!!
    Esp that first point.
    Keep going Mackelvin!

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  3. T Bag says:

    so encouraging ….you’re the best…keep it up

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  4. Eriq says:

    Nice one


  5. Lydia says:

    Always aspiring,

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  6. Lilian Muli Kanene. says:

    We need more of this sort. Lets struggle to leave a positive legacy.

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  7. michael says:

    nice bro

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  8. chriss says:

    religion and brains marrying up…

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  9. Analyst says:

    Absolutely amazing ….quit inspirational, don’t get tired mr proceeded. We value your creative writing.


  10. Analyst says:



  11. john says:

    very true bro

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  12. I like it bro, pure truth;keep it up.


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