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Exams are Just But Part Of The Journey Of Life , Destination Is Still in our Hands!!

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~Currently Kelvin Ng'ang'a is Kenyan based blogger with Kenyan-Ish accent and has interest in trendy and techish stuffs. He is also a student at Kenyatta University pursuing a bachelor of science-Forensic Science. You are warmly welcomed to read his blogs. Comments, opinion and criticisms are highly welcomed. Get an Easy Start,feel at ease! Know what you never saw and see what you never saw! My blogs, My space It's how I choose to tell it!

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March 2016
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Let Not Your Life Be Dictated By Your Academic Failures.


Students sitting for a national exam

Ask Whoever sat for Kenya Certificate Of Secondary education (K. C. S. E) national exams in year 2015 knew what fear and tension means.
All of them were pregnant with expectations, others were not worried much by the grade they would score, they prayed most to the deity they hold dear that their exam should not be canceled.
Wednesday of  that week  (2nd March 2016 the day before release of K.C.S.E) the eave of the release of the national exams the aforesaid students can tell you how viciously fear gripped them ,their stomachs went hollow. The fear of failing surpassed the joy of passing. And overcoming it was near impossible.
Finally the results were out and all students who had gotten excellent grades came on our screens to elucidate on meaning of hard-work and the virtue of having faith in God.
Those who failed had their own excuses.
Their apparent reasons being being crystal clear
Even the blind saw what happened last year when students were sitting for their exams.
Who have forgotten about the outrageous cheating cases and enormous exam leakages?
A student was at wanton liberty to see a paper that was to be done the following day.
Whatsapp messages and images were circulating all over cyber space ,it only needed you to have some pocket data, you get connected and from there on it was not hard to receive exam leakage in advance.
Later on after the release of the results, the “lucky” students scored excellent grades and they vehemently came out in large numbers to celebrate and you are left wondering what they were celebrating.
But in a form of plethoric irony were they really celebrating their hard earned honest results?  Or were they magnificently jubilating upon the best students and schools in cheating?  I dare ask.
Those who never passed were considered idiots in that they cannot memorize what they saw on that paper some hours before the exam.
This grades are given such a weighty importance that if you don’t score to satisfaction the only suitable advice that would be laid upon you is to repeat to give it a second shot.
Others decides to go an extra step going back to form three assuming that’s where they lost track.
All of them struggling to get A’s supposedly because if you get the said grades you are going to be admitted to some our top ranked universities and pursue the most lucrative and competitive courses in Kenya like Engineering, Medicine, Law, Forensic science amongst numerous others.

I have never up to date known who said that getting A’s is a guarantee of future success.
This is a notion which has been created, it never started yesterday and so I don’t aim to end it today.
It was never started by one person and so I alone cannot be able to end it or can i?
There are some who utilize their academic abilities to the maximum and when it’s appears as not pre-requiscitively enough they decide to raise it a notch higher by any means possible,so don’t be puzzled when you see them cheating.
A student whose best ability is to get a B-decides to cheat and lucky enough they get those excellent grades –A’s to be specific and so the big question is: what will happen when they are admitted to do a course that is not equivalent to their know-how?
And wonder why students taking architecture, Forensics, medicine are ever retaking and re-retaking units.
Am not insinuating that getting A’s is bad, you will be surprised when you take a glance at my result slip to find that in almost all the tested subjects I scored plain A’s and even currently I do pass my exams, but I refuse to be defined by them.I consider myself too brilliant to be defined by a single paper. Your ingenuity cannot be defined by an examination. It is unfair that after four or sometimes five years of studying, everything you learn gets down to a two-hour paper. An A child will be of great use to you and me. Well we can’t avoid knocking at their doors at Doctor’s plaza or flying in his jumbo540 planes.

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An A which is genuinely worked for has not lost its meaning, l believe what has lost meaning is that A awarded to a D material that never worked for it. So let me not look like am mocking the fruits of hard work.
We have revolutionized our education systems from knowledge gaining institutions to exam-centered institutions.
That’s why after finishing school most people consider doing academic burning. They totally forget about what they were taught.
I blame it all on our education system. A child is taken to school with one motivational motto   ” Education is the key to life”  but no one bothers to elaborate further what that means. How will it continue being key to life when a child is surrounded by a filthy rich thieves  and  at the same time poor graduates?

Education is just a basis of life and not a means. It should be a platform where one discovers their potential and limitations in order to make wiser decisions with regards to their future but unfortunately an A grade is the target that we all were trained to achieve, anything less than that was/is an abomination. I still have a strong conviction that we need to revert our education systems to the purpose they were supposed to serve or else we wouldn’t have proper doctors to treat us or qualified architects to design our skyscrapers. It would be of enormous importance if we all came to to the realization that we work in synergism.
A millionaire who had a C can’t perform a surgery on his/her heart in case of heart problem, it’s the cardiologist who will rise to the occasion.

We have different roles to play. Quality of grades doesn’t matter what you do with them  does.Our lives shouldn’t be dictated by our academic achievements or failures.
Become an all rounder life has a lot to explore.
Have you ever calculated how far your talent can take you?


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