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Success Has a Process

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March 2016
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Start Small, End  Big.”

crawling baby @ngangatheblogger

A crawling baby. Photo Credit: Nick Chiles

When a child is born and immediately starts talking and walking, wont you be startled?
Won’t you say this is associated with sorcery or conspiracy? Why?
This answer is quite simple? Typically, as soon as the baby is born, he should crawl, talk, walk, and among numerous others.
So, at the present you have a dream of becoming the next big thing? Yeah, I know, but this won’t happen overnight. You have to assume fortitude of a Saint and work so hard and objectively to get to where you want to be. I have always been tempted to covet, though it’s a sin, this particular Mercedes S class, and so anytime I think about getting a job this thought comes also hand in hand.
When I receive my first salary I will ensure that I have purchased myself this Car of my dream.
But I forget to ask myself the many years it has taken for that chap to get money to own the same car.
All that we see is a full packaged movie that goes for an hour or two but we don’t take time to find out what was behind the scene. A lot was done, some scenes were done up to fifty times before coming up with the best clip from just a single scene. what an embarrassment!
At this point lets agree to drop our heightened expectations and we start working on our dreams. Not just a mere desire.
I met someone who was passing judgment on my very blogs in the name of making them look more enticing, her advice never fell on deaf ears, however I had only one message for him.
“A child is never born with teeth.”
Let me grow,allow me to build muscles, am not yet up to that level. You are raising me up higher than I am. An element of time is always the best and better still when God is the timer.

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Wait for the yeast to work, a day, which I can get a whiff of from far is coming when will be fully baked. Keep in mind that a butterfly aided to get out of its cocoon spend rest of its time crawling. I don’t want to spend rest of my time crawling when am bequeathed with aptitude to fly.

There is a valid reason as to why rites of passage follows a certain order. You are born, you get initiated, you marry and later on you die. There is a logic behind this.
And if by chance you miss out on one of this stages you will go back there and you will pay dearly.
A popular Benga Musician Ken Wa Maria during his interviews was asked how he lends a hand to those who are under him and he said
“When I see you have a talent and you have really worked diligently under me, I assist you. I offer you a few guitars and drums set to go and start your own Orchestra Band
However anytime he did this he was ending up regretting for the reason that those he assist ends up hurling insult at him. Saying that he deceived them. But then why?
When they now go to face the real market (i.e. music industry) on their own they usually assume that its a downhill and when it doesn’t work out at all, they hurl insults at him.
From this encounter, the spanner boys around him do not consult to know where to start from and where to start they just want to find themselves superstars in a short span of time. But that can’t work!

You get the first salary, you want to do everything with it: Buy your dream house, live your best life .That can’t work either! Be patient, plant seeds of your dreams, weed them against any possible distractor. Ultimately your dream will just end up being what you have wanted it to  turn out to be.
What do populace say when they see your driving your own pricey car within a short while after securing yourself a job? Sure bet they start saying you are either an illuminati or a wanted robber. And one would ask why? Everybody knows that in success you have channels to follow before we honor you as one.
Starting small is the best way to go. It doesn’t make sense to see an influential person degrading, losing dignity and great conferred titles and winds up by becoming an unimportant person. A trivial one indeed.
Be energized, do more and more. Once you are done do not settle upon the first victory remember many tongues are in-waiting to proclaim that the first one was just but a luck.
In Japan soon after second world war Kaizen principle was introduced by by-then government to help the country reinstate their badly hit economy .The principle fundamentally revolved around making continuous improvement, in a long-term approach by working systematically seeking to achieve small and incremental changes in processes in order to improve efficiency and quality.

The point am driving home; start small and keep moving forward even if it means just one step.
Haba na haba hujaza kibaba Swahili men said this long ago.
Remember we only have 26 alphabets and 10 digits but we are able to combine those words and digit to come up with books that are up to thousand of pages.
Don’t fear to start small.
Even if it’s in business there is such nothing like small money.

Do not be afraid,
Rise up today, start with the small  that you have and before long you will bequeath what you have not.


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  1. MUNENE says:

    good word of encouragement.. its good to be patience on what we are doing.


  2. Ruth njeri mwangi says:

    true every big thing starts small. it’s just that most people are not patient to take the baby steps. gud work

    Liked by 1 person

  3. lucy mogeni says:

    great article for great minds . for people who have dreams that one day they will achieve what they longed for . through hardwork ofcourse


  4. Lydia says:

    A journey of a thousand miles. ……..loving this

    Liked by 1 person

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