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It’s Only When You are Humble

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April 2016
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Being  Humble Might Open  Heaven for You

“No matter how small, humble people will always make you feel important when you are around them.”

most-humble.jpgHave you ever taken some time off your busy schedule to do a quick overview?  You look back and see how good those people you thought you were better than are doing?  You were only advantaged by an element of time. And if I may ask, where are they now? Are you still better than them? I guess not, they are far much ahead of you.

If someone took Joseph father of Jesus frivolously because he was a carpenter, then it later turned out to be a rude shock when Baby Jesus was born for he became father of the most powerful man and savior of the mankind. As a leader be humble enough to listen to complains of your subject. Do not treat them as nonpersons because you do not know who they will turn out to be. You might be despising the person to become the next big thing. You never know. You are at the top right now, but is there a guarantee that you will forever remain there? How do you want to be taken when you will no longer be defined by your present-day position, titles and pseudo-powers?

In my entire life, I won’t say that am old to have seen everything but I can assure you that I have witnessed a Land lord degrading to a tenant and a tenant becoming a real estate dealer.  Among key things upheld by the tenant who becomes a landlord (keeping other factors of success constant) it’s just humility .Being subservient enough to listen. Now what ruins the landlord who becomes a tenant (Keeping other factors of failing constant) is pride. So egotistical that they do not give room for alterations. They say their decisions are final.

If you were or you still are a Forensic Science student at Kenyatta University you must have come across an African geek-I call him, wisdom centered chap-Dr. Mwonjuria.He had a shrewd saying that dwelt so much on humility.

He says,

  • Woe onto those who do not show humility they will find themselves being humiliated.

  • Whoever is not humble, shall be humbled.


                                     (People Also Read:  Success Has a Process)

I concurred with him for the reason that anyone who takes pride in their current status, either wealth, power and titles never had nice endings. There are a million reasons why one needs to be humble but here are two chief ones

To start with, it’s only when one is humble that he is able to learn a lot. A person who never exhibits even an inch of humility can never tolerate the other person, whether senior or not to explain any sentiments to them. And when he does he assumes Know-it-all character. He finishes words for you. You would say he has a talent in reading people’s minds.

Right on their face I would say they have a bad attitude. Whoever has a bad attitude is never teachable. He doesn’t give his mind an allowance to grasp a new concept. Humility is to say that am humble enough to listen even if I know most of the things that you are talking about, let me be attentive I may get something that I have never heard.

That’s the right attitude.

Secondly it’s only a humble person who celebrate gifting in other people. They appreciate those who have got outstanding attributes in their respective fields. They tell you “Congrats”, “Keep up” to when you deserve it. They can quickly apologize, say ‘’sorry’’ and promise that will never happen again. Not that they are weak, but only an indicator that they are humble enough to swallow their pride and let go their ego.

No matter how small, humble people will always make you feel important when you are around them.

Be there down to earth and you will just be dumbfounded on how things will take new course in your life.

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  1. jmullah says:

    Always humble, then add intelligence with attitude

    Liked by 1 person

  2. adoshe says:

    Good article av loved it to apoint of using the same words myself on others. Dont take it offensive. Av just loved it….. Good work thumbs up.. Keep it up


  3. ruth says:

    lovely article. Even the bible tells us humble yourself before the Lord he will lift u up. Humility is a virtue


  4. […] ← It’s Only When You are Humble […]


  5. kips says:


    Liked by 1 person

  6. Netty says:

    This is sooo awesome,love such staffs,keep ot up God bless you

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Gideon Ireri says:

    Nice piece you got there

    Liked by 1 person

  8. Joyce Maina says:

    Wow….that was has really humbled me.good job bro ua heading somewhere great just be humble n God will do it for you.


  9. Phanice says:

    Nice piece.. Motivating 💯


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