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Can the Real Ng’ang’a the Blogger Stand Alone?

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Kelvin Ng'ang'a

Kelvin Ng'ang'a

~Currently Kelvin Ng'ang'a is Kenyan based blogger with Kenyan-Ish accent and has interest in trendy and techish stuffs. He is also a student at Kenyatta University pursuing a bachelor of science-Forensic Science. You are warmly welcomed to read his blogs. Comments, opinion and criticisms are highly welcomed. Get an Easy Start,feel at ease! Know what you never saw and see what you never saw! My blogs, My space It's how I choose to tell it!

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June 2016
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‘I urge you to get out of stupor , find, pinpoint  and settle for what you are passionate about and that what gives you maximum  satisfaction. ” Ng’ang’a the Blogger


Can the real Ng’ang’a The Blogger stand Alone?

Of course, it’s a point always at issue. Everybody seeks after me to clarify to them on daily basis. How do i cope up with a life that i always seem to have the right tips on how to handle its delicate issues? Am always at the forefront in providing solutions to critical issues in life. Does my life really get along well?

Well, i don’t know exactly how I am supposed to respond to this. But to let  cat out of the bag, let me not hoodwink, am not the most ecstatic man on earth am not anywhere close to that. Blogging and articles contained herein are developed and written as a result of passion. Anytime you grow to be passionate about what you do , you develop a liking towards it such that there is nonentity that can stop you from settling on your dreams. Thank God, i love blogging and better so penning down articles meant to help uplift people’s optimism .It helps me place them a notch higher to achieve their life goals and desires.
This has given me a new brand name “Ng’ang’a The Blogger ™”  and to be sure of  what am talking about; walk along Cassandra street and other off- drives of Kenyatta University. Ask most of the aspiring politicians in the student council, how they savagely seek after me to do for them  social media campaigns . With an obvious belief-that i have masses behind me. Well, they do get a rude shock when i turn their entreaties down in the name of not compromising on what am called for.
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That aside, back to my story. Am exhilarated when i get feedback from my esteemed diehard blog subscribers, they cascade me with praises which  I don’t much about their ingenuity. I have to scuffle hard to know who is piloting  me to the right path and who is not. In days to come i will  overtly   concede  that there are a times when i feel knocked down to my knees, disenchanted  and i feel that i equally need  ‘food for soul’ to get going. I also, don’t know it all. I cannot stand alone for long. I need you. I need the other person but that doesn’t infer that i will have to wait for ‘him’ and ‘them’ to be able to effectuate my  goals and ambitions. I don’t settle for less than what i once dreamt of becoming. I can’t sleep before I see that come true. I will stand up fight by all means to see myself being transformed to a man of purpose and germaneness to the society. Plant a smile on my mother. Help those who look up to me to turn out to be all that they have wanted to be.

Today, as i speak to you dear readers, i urge you to get out of stupor , find , pinpoint  and settle for what you are passionate about and that what gives you maximum  satisfaction  .   Do it so well  and if it proves to be hard-hitting  and no other thing is thriving  at least passion will keep you there. And if passion doesn’t work, after you have done all your best then just know that isn’t what you were meant to be. Go back to the drawing board, collect yourself and find your true nature before you get covered by layers and heaps of dust.

Whereas all efforts have been made to end up with this blog published  errors and omissions in whatsoever form ,are subject,do not  hesitate to contact the author.


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  1. Wandaka alias MAcDanteh says: can still gear towards effectuating your goals and ambitions though sometimes it can be hard to be stand alone ad-ons.Big up bro.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Baroness says:

    Some of us just needed to hear this. Oh well, hahaha what I tell you Kevin, I don’t ice what I tell you. And I wouldn’t blame the people wanting you to help them, I would do the same. I mean, knowing what your words mean, I would ask for your hand.
    That said, I feel it’s true that passion is the only thing that sets one apart from just “wanting” to do something. Thank God for your passion, we have good reads! Be blessed

    Liked by 1 person

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