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Refuse to die when it’s not your turn

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July 2016
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The six university students who faced a grisly road accident along Kisii -Kilgoris road.

God giveth ; God takes“. We are all familiar with this popular condolence message. I hope you are getting it clear :it’s God who takes you and it’s not for you to take yourself to Him. Therefore relax he will come for you when it’s your turn.

As the perturbing pictures of the ladies who faced a grisly road accident along Kisii – Kilgoris Road  trolled on social media , made headlines, got everyone sympathizing and others commiserating for the bereaved,  I perceived the same through a different intellectual lenses. Nearly all Whatsapp groups I belong to changed their group icons in their honor.


The stunning and good looking ladies are now six-feet under and before long we shall forget about the incident .
Now this is where I want to chip in and certainly get a first class life lesson for us who are still alive.  The latest breaking news (by then) indicated that they had travelled from Nairobi to Kisii to join their buddies in celebrating a comrade-as they call them-who scarcely had satisfactorily completed his four-year course at JKUAT.
It was now their turn to tell him “Congratulations Brother, you made it happen”.
Thanks for the sad occurrence, it never happened. Joy turned into tears. From a white to a black dress code.

Bringing the case to a real context, it’s my earnest belief that there is a mother who has been struck heavily by this unbearable loss. Losing a youngster, a person who has fresh blood, unending potentials and so much energy that can push this nation to the next level, is such a heavy blow below the belt to all of us.
Parents, family members and even the entire society had put such amount of hope in the aforesaid ladies that they would change their lives for the better. But here we are, death is such a cruel thief, it snatched them away.
The only thing we did as Kenyans was changing profile pictures of our social media accounts as a way of condoling with the family of the deceased, asking them to rest in peace as if they could hear. We aren’t sure whether they rested in peace; all that we know is that they are gone.
To those who were be in position, they  attended the burial to send them off to the so-said glory of eternal life. They stared at family members of the deceased as they broke and went lose into tears, and we will  wish we can comfort them,but can we?

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Dear readers, when we die, factually we are gone. To our dear Christians-they hope to see you again after Jesus’ second coming, our Hindu brothers; hopes that you will reincarnate and come back to life in another form. To me we only live once, and for that matter die once also. Death means termination of life. Blood will no longer flow in your veins.
Once we are gone, people will have very little that they can do to bring us back. They shall mourn  send condolences, the first day or even the second one, they shall put us in the obituaries but that won’t wake up us from death.
Not that when you are gone earth will stop rotating .No, absolutely not! The Clock will continue ticking. Things will customary go on, actually very few people will note that you are no more. To be expected, only  a few of your  friends who belong to your inner circle will know . Much as we don’t know this day, how and under what circumstance we shall relinquish life, there are things that we do that jeopardize our lives. This tells us to stop living with this notion ‘‘Ukifa, chako kimefika. ’
Why drink and still insist on driving?
Why reckless driving?
Why go to swim in the deep sea without life savers?
Why walk with people you  are not assured of your safety in a middle of a totally dark night?
Why take a selfie photo on a roof top of a ten storey-building reaching out for some cheap fame?
Why even engage in an intimate relationship with a person you don’t trust?
Why drink second generation alcohol and turn a blind eye to the fact that they have the wrong chemical composition?
Why go up a tree with a rope to hung your self?
Come on, why terminate the freely and Godly given life?  I dare ask.

We are all candidates of death; we don’t know exactly what our day is. Death never chooses who to take first, but your life choices will determine how fast death catches up with you.  I say and still continue to insist, I will not let sympathies override logics. We have to care about the manner in which we die by engaging in the right activities. We must die in a dignified manner. When Nana Gichuru died some months ago,it got everyone empathizing as if over speeding is legal.
When the grisly road accident occurred left all the six charming ladies dead – social media went frenzy –sources have it that the driver was high on something.
But who cares?
In any case they are gone, dead and will be forgotten.

Don’t live, like you are rehearsing . Live your life and refuse to die when it’s not your turn!

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  1. Mo Ateng Hope says:

    We can wish for a life lived in full.
    My blog details as per below.

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