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Superiority Complexity can be cured only by the honesty of humility

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~Currently Kelvin Ng'ang'a is Kenyan based blogger with Kenyan-Ish accent and has interest in trendy and techish stuffs. He is also a student at Kenyatta University pursuing a bachelor of science-Forensic Science. You are warmly welcomed to read his blogs. Comments, opinion and criticisms are highly welcomed. Get an Easy Start,feel at ease! Know what you never saw and see what you never saw! My blogs, My space It's how I choose to tell it!

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September 2016
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black-man-interview-suit.pngSuperiority complexity is to say that you do not expect people to look up to you if you always look down upon them. A day which I can get a whiff of from distance will come when you shall become the greatest person you have always dreamed of.

The most successful business man

The most renowned footballer

The most celebrated musician

The most charismatic pastor

The most fortuitous media anchor

And as the case may be, the president of the most powerful nation on earth.

 All your life objectives shall be accomplished. Get all academic certificates,marry the most stunning woman , get the most well behaved children, reside in the most expansive estates and  presumably drive in Rolls Royce. You will plausibly, be at the pick of your life and the feeling that you are on top of the world will begin to cripple in. You will feel like you don’t need more status than you already have. I know it might look like a big deal but you know there is nothing impossible in this world.

About what is impossible or not gets not to be the business of the day. Now let me get a space in this blog site and now ask, what will you take those great successes and life achievements for? Will you let them overtake you? Will you allow the newly acquired status make you forget people that you knew?

Yes, a feeling of superiority or mightiness will always be there, and that’s irrefutable but will the superiority drug you? It’s my main agenda I want to discuss it with you today. Dear blog subscribers. In my entire life which I won’t hoodwink   and say that is long to have seen everything but I can avow without any doubts or whatsoever, that I have seen illustrious  ‘kings’ who had prodigious ‘empires’ being converted into powerless clan’s men. I have seen foremen ending up to be hawkers in the streets and off drives of Nairobi. I have seen a boss’s driver owning fleets of cars. Am not trying to talk about humility, no! I have already discussed this in my earlier posts. All am trying to shed light on is that; whoever you are despising today might be tomorrow’s mightiest king. Won’t you be ashamed and remorseful bowing before him when tomorrow comes?

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Conditions in life are never permanent .Today you have it all, tomorrow all that you had is gone. Who will be there to lend a hand to you? It could be those you are down trodding and treating them with contempt. You never know. Worst of it is when you have terribly failed and degraded but you can still not accept the ‘new life’, what is termed as mid life crisis. The new ‘reality’ .We all know that if you argue with the reality at the end you lose. At This point you begin to act so arrogantly in an effort to mask all of your inferiorities, failures and shortcomings .You cannot with stand all that shame. Such an act is what we term as superiority complex- a psychological defense system in which a person’s feelings of bigness tries to counter his or her feelings of failure .When nothing in their life seems to work they vacillate  and begins to blame anything and anyone  around them . They start blaming the environment they are in, friends they keep, country they are in and certainly they blame everything! They know that nothing is wrong about them.

Even so when they know they are Wong, they will never stand to be guided or corrected, for in any case they know it all. To them all they know is all that there is to know, full stop. No room for alteration or modification.

Am pretty sure that you have come across them. They look down upon everyone from a great height, they find by all means a way to keep themselves a level higher. They see you as an inferior or second rate being that props them. In actual sense they treat you like you never exist.  They forget you so fast

I say, Superiority complexity is a personal disorder, in case you come across anyone with it, please call 911 and immediately order for an ambulance, rush them to the nearest therapy centre, put them under an intensive care unit.. These people need a very serious therapy. Keep them distance before they infect you with the disorder. It was pun intended though!

Let me not look like am advocating for inferiority complexity. No! There is a whopping difference between superiority and inferiority complexity, but not an iota is good. Personally I know am inferior to Bill gates financially, Usain bolt in a 100 M race, LeBron James in playing basketball. But that should never make me feel inferior, by this am trying to hammer a sensible point.’Knowing’ and ‘feeling’ are two totally different things. Knowing makes you accept facts and things as they are , but feeling makes you know that you cannot stand a chance Of becoming.

Steer clear of superiority complexity   , stay away from inferiority complexity, but always engender a high self confidence. This makes you believe in yourself as a unique being.

As I wind up the talk, never feel so small to make a difference .Remember that a tiny mosquito can make the mightiest president on earth have a sleepless night!

Whereas all efforts have been made to end up with this blog published  errors and omissions in whatsoever form ,are subject,do not  hesitate to contact the author.


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