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Your social media account is your today’s C.V. Be sure to post only what adds value to it

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~Currently Kelvin Ng'ang'a is Kenyan based blogger with Kenyan-Ish accent and has interest in trendy and techish stuffs. He is also a student at Kenyatta University pursuing a bachelor of science-Forensic Science. You are warmly welcomed to read his blogs. Comments, opinion and criticisms are highly welcomed. Get an Easy Start,feel at ease! Know what you never saw and see what you never saw! My blogs, My space It's how I choose to tell it!

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October 2016
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Six months ago today, I was seated at the silent corner of the picturesque of the Kenyatta University postmodern library and had been reading for a few hours when I decided to turn my phone’s pocket data on


I went straight to my Whatsapp Messenger and noted a dormant WhatsApp group that is forever silent and with very little activity of members “LEFTING” and the typical group icon changers rather noisy. Things had taken rather a new course. An “unusual” topic had been brought on board. I consequently got eager to find out whatever it was that was making the group really “Excited”. A couple of images drew in. l looked at them closely and I was unable to stomach what I saw. One group member said,

“Kuna dame Fulani hapa Nyayo hostel anascream, nadhania hymen yake inatolewa.”(There is a certain lady screaming  around Nyayo hostel. I think she’s losing her virginity.)

The topic automatically grabbed the attention of the idle comrades. I could not conjure up how a little, petty and pathetic girl would let the whole campus know that she was losing her virginity.

I thought to myself.I was of a mind to upload those images to my Facebook account and attach a hash tag to the ever ridiculous Kenyans on Twitter (KOT). Long before the thought came to my mind, I was thunderstruck up on checking those images closely and seeing a familiar face. I regretted my initial thought on realizing that it was my friend that had been caught by the never-forgiving multitude. I maneuvered my ways, until I got to meet her in person. She explained her side of the story and it clearly refuted the version that was doing rounds in the notorious cyber space.

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Truth is, we are subsisting in an era where social media is the best tool to reach out to the public and have our say. Even so, most of us don’t care what message, what video, what image, what audio; we let circulate in the aforesaid platforms. It’s about time we start giving it a second thought. You might not be aware but the little things eventually torment someone’s self-esteem. You psychologically kill that person without knowing.
You all heard about the ill reputed Ken Wa Mwangi that went exposing his malevolent and nasty mind to the whole world with a single Facebook post. Though he later made an apology, the damage was beyond repair. His pathetic point of view concerning sex with minors was at its best according to that post. But what were his intentions? It goes without saying. An intended pun. But what did we interpret? A mere Facebook post cost him his job.
On 20th December 2013, I.A.C P.R guru and corporate communications Director  Chief Justin Sacco tweeted about her planned vacation to Africa:
Going to Africa. Hope I don’t get AIDS. Just kidding. I’m white.

How racist! She then took her flight, forgetting her twitter account for a moment until she landed in Africa. However it had become a trending hash tag by then with thousands of retweets. It got to her company’s (IAC) attention. They fired her thanks to a mere racist joke that she thought was funny.
In the modern world, a click of a button can send you to Canada or Austria. Anywhere. Across the globe if you wish. We ought to be scrupulous, careful and above all cautious about what we post online. Consider all the possible impacts from all dimensions and of utmost importance be sure you aren’t by chance offending anyone

 For instance, you may see a plus-size woman who has little regard for her chubby self posting nude photos of her bumpy a$$ in return for cheap social media ‘fame’. It’s a pity. You attract mega LIKES and comments.Does that put a plate of food on her table? What good does it bring forth? Does she know that it only demeans her and strips her of all respect and dignity? This is the truth; whoever shows a lot in most cases has very little to offer. Clothe your body sister, and respect yourself.

As I wind up, just so you know ;
A single Facebook post can put you behind bars. Ask Allan Wadi Okengo, a Moi university student serving a two year jail term after insulting the president with a Facebook comment.
A single tweet that you find funny may leave you jobless.
A wrongly forwarded WhatsApp message to a Prayer cell could make you trend for the wrong reasons and not only leave you ashamed but also make you deal with all the consequential implications. Ask brother Ochola.

You have all the examples in the world to urge you to be a better person.

Special Thanks to Eugene Musakhii and Samantha R. Nyobia   For editing and refining this post.

Whereas all efforts have been made to end up with this blog published  errors and omissions in whatsoever form ,are subject,do not  hesitate to contact the author.

Tel:(+254)0720501513 author doesn’t own some of the images contained herein;they exclusively belong to the copyrighted owners.

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  1. Billy Osogo. says:

    Mgalla mwue lakini haki yake mpe. This is such an insightful piece of writing. It has elucidated the potent truth of the 21st Century. Social media could either make or break. Excellent job!


  2. 0727499122 says:

    It’s my first time reading your work and I am inspired and I look toward to more. Keep on keeping on.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Anonymous says:

    Young but knowledgeable you are Ng’ash, I av been through your posts and in comparison with most bloggers you stand out…….. Kudos!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. […] Source: Your social media account is your today’s C.V. Be sure to post only what adds value to it […]


  5. Vinuxt says:

    Nice article brother. I admire your work.

    Liked by 1 person

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