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Dear Religous fanatics, atheists are not satanists

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November 2016
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Religion confusion

Human beings of sound mind and character have the freedom of fundamentally questioning anything that comes their way. They will instigate wars or embark on meticulous researches just to find that microscopic organism that results  to pandemics of disease. When things get fascinating they look around and  come to  realization of having exhausted everything within their  scope, a tendency of finding out what’s beyond them begins to cripple in. They will even go to the extent of questioning the existence or inexistence of God-their creator. This is mind boggling. They will ask who God is, and why he chooses to remain silent when his people are suffering and dying in Aleppo,Syria.This got me engrossed, for this  I wanted to share this masterpiece with you  my dear blog subscribers.

In reference to the subject- I know there is a cryptic power that runs the  nature, there is an enigmatic  potency  that keeps the earth rotating on its orbit and there is a reason as to why a day only has 24 hours ,not more, not less. If at all this force and power comes from that super natural being –called God, then to me God exists.

Any person trying to justify inexistence of God cannot win their argument  before mentioning ‘God’ several times. The mere mention of the word ‘GOD’  in their debates  presupposes His existence .This would  simply denote that they are aware that he exists but choose to act blind, force their way in, collect all sorts of evidence-just  in attempt to prove  that indeed  God does not exist. Atheists are so much infatuated in God that they believe doesn’t exist than in professing their own faith.

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They will spend time   disapproving other people’s religions at the expense of their own.Atheists -just a small portion of humans trying to impose their beliefs and fabrications on people who have not yet made a  firm decision on what faith ,dogma and code of belief to subscribe to.

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Atheists could be among the few educated  geeks that the world has. They have all scientific facts, proofs and substantiations against any utterance made to demean their values and beliefs. They have even made it level higher; taking some theology and philosophical classes, just to arm themselves with defense. If you are a very strong Christian, they will look for something to intimidate and make you believe that your religion and indirectly –your God  is of no value.

For instance look at these

  • If you worship a God who drowned his children for being disobedient during the time of Noah, then you have no rights to criticize my morals ‘’

They get to a point of expounding on some particular Bible clauses they believe are self-contradictory and illogical.

For instance there is this

  • God from his own wisdom had to be shown which doors belonged to Israelites during the Passover night.

This is very true, if you can recall the incident; All Israelites were instructed to smear their doorpost with blood to be identified by the angel of death.

Linda Beatty a very passionate American atheist once said that God is very powerful but he is not all powerful to prove that he exists.

Contrary–majoring on Christianity as it’s the best religion known to me; we have an allotment of indoctrinated and brainwashed religious fanatics, who want to live on earth like it is heaven. Partly, I blame the society we were brought up in. A society that respects shrines meant to venerate the ‘superior being’. Nobody has guts to point a finger at them.No one can question the integrity of their pastors, priests and other ‘men of God.’ Even when you buttonhole them in quest of elucidation on certain sections of the Bible; they have a tendency of thinking that you are questioning their ‘holy calling’.

Certain clauses of the Holy Bible indicate that Adam and Eve gave birth to Cain, Abel and Seth; but then we are later informed that they got married: The question is, whom did they marry? Did they marry their own sister?Which amounts to incest? Think about it.

I sometimes wonder why we fight so hard to champion for Christianity –an imported religion that is quite foreign to us. The Bible itself was written by believers and not free

thinkers. To know whether God exists or not, you don’t need a Quran or a Bible or even a padre, sit back at the comfort of your balcony, watch  and listen as the nature speaks to you . It will tell you how well organized its maker-God is.

However as we live in a free world, It is so archaic, barbaric and an exhibition of narrow mindedness to discriminate or subject anyone to prejudice on basis of their religious inclination. Everyone at their free will has a right to worship and venerate his own divine  being.

To sum up, religion is  our today’s ultimate science fiction –yet another alternate universe where lies are seen as reality and reality seen to be lies. A thought of my own- better to live believing in God and at the end find there is none, rather  than live believing that God doesn’t exist and find him at the end .

Whereas all efforts have been made to end up with this blog published  errors and omissions in whatsoever form ,are subject,do not  hesitate to contact the author.

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  1. In any issue there two things that catch the attention of people,either something is the most successful or a total failure.
    Now the artheist will try to divert you to their failed religion. Let them cool their belt.

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  2. AJO says:

    OOH!I knew one day this article could be published,only didn’t know it would be now!MY TAKE<God exists.all the communities in the past believed in supernatural being-especially in Africa-but then to believers they see something God has done to their lives but to others they look around so much that they forget to look at themselves.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Dancoh says:

    Quite an intriguing article.I appreciate your literally work.especially on the part that you question why we are so determined to follow an alien religion that somehow taints our own religion as Dark and satanic.anyway keep the pen bleeding for your works.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. […] Source: Dear Religous fanatics, atheists are not satanists […]

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