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Why I believe Matiangi ‘Ma-teargas’ Deserves a Nobel Peace Prize

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December 2016
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 I thought to myself,or is it too way exaggerated? I do not believe am erroneous by saying so?


Fred Matiangi is one of the most efficient and effective cabinet secretaries in Uhuru Kenyatta’s government and we can all confirm this. He is determined and very keen to make all the necessary reforms to transform and metamorphosize the education sector to the next level. Unlike his predecessors who regard themselves as mere office holders and believed that their role in office was to uphold normality, embrace mediocrity and wait for their tenure to be over, pack and leave, he is different in all viewpoints.

While other Cabinet secretaries are working so hard to loot Kenya dry and frustrate the normal mwananchi, Matiangi is overworking to see a legacy left behind. Matiangi should go down in the books of history as a legendary policymaker. In fact I will call for our enigmatic president to create a space for him both in the national archives and in the museum , so that our children and children’s children can be shown the clear icon of true  devotion.

In November 2015 a cabinet reshuffle was done, Matiangi  was moved to a  very poor and falling ministry where things were in shambles. Starting from the outrageous and enormous exam leakages, irrelevant and outdated curriculum, high cases of examination irregularities and a generally poorly managed education sector. Matiangi manned up in sobriety and took up the job. He never requested the president to give him some lighter duties like some of his counterparts did.

He knew he had all that it took to make the Kenyan education sector great again.  He began his job as we all can recall in an expeditious manner. The first thing we had was some adjustment of the education system; from the ancient  8.4.4 to a modern and relevant system. The main aim of this important milestone was to stop looking at a child as an academic giant  but  an all rounded child. The old system takes into consideration that a child can score A in academics but score an E in other segments of life while the new system embraces the fact that a child can score E in academics and score an A in art and craft. A child who is all rounded is the essential point here.  It’s the same  A  syndrome that finds students being  involved  in exam malpractices.Credits to Matiangi,the syndrome has acquired a cure.

Matiangi is a man who walks the talk. He says what he means and means what he says. He never contradicts himself and is a strict disciplinarian. I can quote him-in March 2016 during the official release of KCSE results he said it clearly,

Next time am not going to stand here and apologize due to exam irregularities”

That was exactly what happened , 5000 students had their exam cancelled in 2015 ,in 2016 none of them fell into the trap. Kudos Matiangi. Although it is easier said than done Matiangi began introducing reforms that looked so painful at the surface but of fundamental importance at the core. He had to prolong the second term, he had to ban prayers and visiting days ,he had to disband KNEC  executives and bring aboard serious and devoted leaders . Students began burning and scorching down schools in protest but Matiangi stayed steadfast and true to his words.

And the end-product was amazing.

Customary, national examination results are released in three months’ time , but with Matiangi things have taken another angle  and a sui generis bearing , 29 days later exam results were out. Fred Matiangi would go ahead and explain. Unlike before, all marking stations were confined within Nairobi thus saving time and increasing proper supervision. Matiangi would go ahead and pose a question “If you can take one month to do a job, why would you need three?” 

It was very important to dwell on this for it was  believed that the three months that were taken there before made a room for doctoring exam results, altering figures and manipulation of entire results and thus obtaining results that are not credible.

The incumbent education Cabinet secretary has not augured well with a lot of school heads. A lot calling him a Ma-teargas. I do believe that

How I wish this country can just have ten Matiangis,some to fight  corruption others to eradicate thuggery ,some others to fight corrrupt NTSA officers on our roads ,others to unmask cartels and some to  unravel mysteries in the security docket .

May  Matiangi’s effect be felt in our lives come 2017.

have a progressive year 2017


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