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Amina Mohamed; Dilplomatically you weren’t Ripe for the Big African seat

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January 2017
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  • Briefly
  • To Amina Mohammed: Diplomatically you weren’t yet Ripe for the big African Seat   
  • A letter to Madam CS

Amina Mohammed was almost on it: her dream of becoming the next most powerful woman in the continent after Liberia’s president Ellen Johnson Sirleaf was just an inch away. Amina was trending over social and mainstream media and her name was in every one’s mouth. In an effort to help her clinch onto power: government of Kenya led by his Excellency, President Uhuru Kenyatta began lobbying for her rise to AUC leadership.

30th January 2016 was Amina Mohammed’s’ D-day, She travelled to the Africa Union Headquarters in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia hoping that she will come back with the chains of power wrapped around her neck. To cut a long story short, at the end of the day she lost to Chad’s former prime minister and the incumbent foreign affairs minister Moussa Faki Mahammat. He will suceed Nkosazana  Dlamini  Zuma who had stayed in office for six more extra months when African leaders failed to agree on who is the right candidate for the post. And this provided an opportunity for Amina and star began to rise. She was lucky to be among the nominees alongside Pelonomi Venson of Botswana ,Faki Mahamat of Chad and Abdoulaye Bathily of Senegal.


In the hotly contested African Union Chairmanship, it was not a straightforward battle  and for this it required unending determination to clinch the prestigious position. The Jubilee government in its own wisdom felt it was very ‘crucial’ for one of their staunchest and most skilled professional to be elected to a different level to manage and handle the entire continent’s issues.

A subcommittee led by the able Education cabinet secretary, Fred Matiangi was formed and the prime reason was to lay strategies on how to win a lot of votes from African heads of state. Sources indicates that the subcommittee is believed to have spent more than a billion Kenya shillings from the time of formation having toured more than fifty one African countries but unfortunately they did not clinch the seat.

From the expression and general feeling of Kenyans in various interactive platforms not secluding mainstream media, many were expecting her to lose terribly in the race. They felt her bid to win AU chairmanship was a situation of misplaced priorities.

At a point where doctors have gone  on strike for more than fifty eight days, no medical care ,no doctors in hospitals, thousands of poor Kenyans dying why would an individual be so important than the entire nation. Instead of the government fighting to resolve the disputed doctors 2013-2017 Collective Bargaining agreement (C.B.A), it is spending close to 4.5 billion Kenyan shillings lobbying for an individual.
In a country where it’s citizen are dying of hunger and drought in Turkana and  West Pokot, when government should be thinking of how to avert the situation and feed its starving, it seems improper that having our own elected as the AUC Chairperson however important is not the main priority. Even those voting were wondering how thousands of millions can be spent lobbying for her to lead starving citizens. Prayer of a hungry man was heard, she lost.

Uhuru prioritized Amina over lecturers and students affairs. No one is really talking about this for it looks petty in front of their eyes. Students are hanging around not knowing what next. Others survive on education loans board, the more the situation deteriorates, more it contributes negatively to their well-being.

And so many other issues. A vote to Amina Mohammed is a vote to status quo ,impunity and corrupt system.

Amina began losing the moment she lied to Al Jazeera Up Front host Mahmud Hassan that there are no cases of extra judicial killings in Kenya. She publicly declared so in an international media platform and waits comfortably to win the AU seat?

Amina would prefer her interests to come first when Kenyans are stranded in neighboring countries Sudan and Ethiopia. Helpless and resigned to fate.
Letter to the Honourable Miss Amina Mohammed
Hello ma’am i hope this finds you well, i begin this letter with a kind request that may you use your staunch and charismatic vigour to win Kenya investors and financiers to improve our ailing labour services sector. There are a lot of urgent needs at home than there are abroad and It only takes a well utilized opportunity for another one to open. 

Diplomatically Amina you are very well skilled but work for Kenya first then tackle Africa next.

And don’t lose hope for all your dreams yet there is always a second chance.

As a parting shot I wish to congratulate the new Africa Union Chairman Faki Mahammat, may you work to improve our beautiful continent? Help us, to, together, prove beyond a reasonable doubt that we can surpass neocolonialism and imperialism to make Africa great. Never tire to eradicate extremist groups responsible for brute acts throughout the continent. You’ve have the the unified states’ machinery and the hopeful full support of African leaders. Congratulations and we wish you all the best, may you lead us to demystify the negative myths about Africa perceived by those who misunderstand us.


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