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Live In the reality, forget about the past It’s not your portion

”Live in the reality, get out of an idealistic world- a world that exists only in your mind.” Ng’ang’a The Blogger

imageI came across a businessman who was going through a hell of life. He had faced multiple losses within the same duration. To start with: He was filing his business for bankruptcy. As if that was not enough, one fateful evening he received a call informing him that the building where his two children and wife resided collapsed. Rescue operations were launched and two days later it was confirmed that they were all dead. What a loss? Business down! Family finished. Isn’t it such a heavy unbearable blow to him?
Is there hope for life after this?

Someone said that everything happens for and with a reason. But our greatest fear is that we don’t know that reason.  We have many of us who find themselves in life that seems like all doors are closed. No single door makes way for us. A t this point let me deem some lime light: Have you interminably heard about God’s test? He did that to Jesus who was his son, who are we not to be tested?

I would like to say that God was the first programmer, he does problem computation and his codes never crack. He doesn’t give alternatives on how to execute a given command; all of them follows one prescribed direction and that’s why most of our doors get locked.

I hark back to a day when I lost my precious gadget a time that I was not expecting any cash from anyone at any time soon.   And bear in mind that the gadget was so vital to me. I was so frail that whoever came with a suggestion on how to help me recover it, I fell into the trap. Luckily, I came across one particular guy who up to day I feel that God used him NOT to help me.
He came up with a nebulous innuendo suggestion on how he could have helped  me seek a sorcerer. A necromancer, who would help me recover my gadget. The fella was just but enticing me with fake empty and promises. He was lying it all; mendacious indeed, I saw it in his eyes but I chose to remain tongue-tied.

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Following him for weeks, assuming miracles out of nowhere would happen, the obvious happened. I reached a point in time when I resolved to give it all to God. I asked him to take on from where I left. I was already at the end of tunnel but I could not see any light. At that juncture, I was dumbfounded by how things started to unfold.
He pointed for me the only door that was open. I got a part time job that earned me some good cash the same day I got a precious gadget. Before got it, I thought of how I would be moving from town A to B on tenterhooks that I will one day find it. Can that happen? Chances are almost negligible. Trust me.

I also ruminated of how I would get a ‘mganga’ who would help me locate my exquisite phone back. I was not saying YES to the reality of the matter. This made me hurt, it made me fear what was to come. It only saw me distorted, disconnected and almost certainly destroying the life that I have taken so long to establish. Accepting reality, declaring that the past is not your portion and not accepting to dwell in the past is the best tip to keep the tricky life moving on and always ensuring that one is not a victim of circumstances.

Do not resist if it has happened. The future still awaits for you, rectify where you can. Living in the reality is for the businessman to say that “I know it’s hard to live a life without my wife, children, but there is nothing I can do to bring them back.
Live in the real world, don’t hope for miracles to work. Struggle to get A’s in God’s test for once you excel in them everything will be given back to you in double portions.
By the way God only tests whether you can live without what you assume sustains your life.
As a valediction; do not dwell in past, that is not your portion.
Do not procrastinate that’s only done by those who believe that tomorrow belongs to them.
Live today it’s your present as you keep in mind that your past mistakes are meant to guide, not to define you.

Whereas all efforts have been made to end up with this blog published  errors and omissions in whatsoever form ,are subject,do not  hesitate to contact theauthor.


The author doesn’t own some of the images contained herein;they exclusively belong to the copyrighted owners.

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Envying the Child I was.

It’s a matter of you leading/following or getting out of the way ”. Ng’ang’a The Blogger

crawling baby @ngangathebloggerThere was a time I was and I used to be a weaning baby, yes a toothless child. Those were the days I was not fathoming what really goes on around the world. I did not know much about planet earth. I only had a vague glimpse of my mother and a few people who used to baby-seat me.

All that I experienced during that time was absolute irresistible love, everybody wanted to poke my face telling me, “Grow, grow child.”

Time drifted slowly, I gradually started having a handle on environment which I was in. The Kikuyu accent started to imbibe and not long I started pronouncing ‘green’ as ‘gleen . I could not tell what the difference between ‘L’ and ‘R’ was in terms of elocution, for in any case no one sees the picture while inside the frame. I later came to find that’s the real identity of Kikuyus you know Mount Kenya’s chaps.

Time to get schooled came, I entered class enthusiastic and zealous but worst of it , I didn’t know why I was in school. Maybe age dictated?  Or my parents forced me. Time went on and a little while I started realizing that being in school makes one a doctor, a lawyer, an engineer and less than that was an abomination. So I started singing, “ when I grow up I would like to be a doctor!” Not because I had the doctor genes in my veins but because the atmosphere by then dictated so. As a child I was never conscientious of my life. I cared less. I didn’t have to worry so much about myself, someone else was. My mother was at the forefront in ensuring that I was as much comfortable as possible.

I was innocent : Very innocuous indeed. Ask Jesus, if his second coming was during my childhood era, I could have gotten an uninterrupted entry to the so-said glory and paradise of heaven .

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But today things have changed, taken a rather  new course. I would say that, today am held responsible of my actions and moves. . Today am required to set my own principles and guidelines to adhere to. Am always planning and laying strategies ahead of time on how to make my life a success .Things that I never I did as a youngster. I have to say a strong NO to some things because I have already said YES to some other better ones.

Peoples’ pseudo –love has faded away . Nobody shows their love and compassion towards me. Others doing this deliberately because I have my own unique core values that I uphold and whoever doesn’t embrace them doessn’t become part of me. I apply jig-saw fit theory, if you do not fit then suit yourself. It’s a matter of you leading/following or getting out of the way. No wonder I have very few friends around me.

Let me strongly bear a witness that I envy infancy life by all means. A good feeling, when the entire society is minding about your well being among numerous other things. But who said I was to forever remain a child? I am now in realistic world where am compelled to face world on my own. A lone ranger. I have to hold fort of my life, liking it as it is and fighting very hard to change where I can.

When all is gone and seems like nothing is what it used to be, God almighty’s  love and care remains unchanged . He guides us only when we accept to be in him.


Whereas all efforts have been made to end up with this blog published  errors and omissions in whatsoever form ,are subject,do not  hesitate to contact the author.


The author doesn’t own some of the images contained herein;they exclusively belong to the copyrighted owners.

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It’s Only When You are Humble

Being  Humble Might Open  Heaven for You

“No matter how small, humble people will always make you feel important when you are around them.”

most-humble.jpgHave you ever taken some time off your busy schedule to do a quick overview?  You look back and see how good those people you thought you were better than are doing?  You were only advantaged by an element of time. And if I may ask, where are they now? Are you still better than them? I guess not, they are far much ahead of you.

If someone took Joseph father of Jesus frivolously because he was a carpenter, then it later turned out to be a rude shock when Baby Jesus was born for he became father of the most powerful man and savior of the mankind. As a leader be humble enough to listen to complains of your subject. Do not treat them as nonpersons because you do not know who they will turn out to be. You might be despising the person to become the next big thing. You never know. You are at the top right now, but is there a guarantee that you will forever remain there? How do you want to be taken when you will no longer be defined by your present-day position, titles and pseudo-powers?

In my entire life, I won’t say that am old to have seen everything but I can assure you that I have witnessed a Land lord degrading to a tenant and a tenant becoming a real estate dealer.  Among key things upheld by the tenant who becomes a landlord (keeping other factors of success constant) it’s just humility .Being subservient enough to listen. Now what ruins the landlord who becomes a tenant (Keeping other factors of failing constant) is pride. So egotistical that they do not give room for alterations. They say their decisions are final.

If you were or you still are a Forensic Science student at Kenyatta University you must have come across an African geek-I call him, wisdom centered chap-Dr. Mwonjuria.He had a shrewd saying that dwelt so much on humility.

He says,

  • Woe onto those who do not show humility they will find themselves being humiliated.

  • Whoever is not humble, shall be humbled.


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I concurred with him for the reason that anyone who takes pride in their current status, either wealth, power and titles never had nice endings. There are a million reasons why one needs to be humble but here are two chief ones

To start with, it’s only when one is humble that he is able to learn a lot. A person who never exhibits even an inch of humility can never tolerate the other person, whether senior or not to explain any sentiments to them. And when he does he assumes Know-it-all character. He finishes words for you. You would say he has a talent in reading people’s minds.

Right on their face I would say they have a bad attitude. Whoever has a bad attitude is never teachable. He doesn’t give his mind an allowance to grasp a new concept. Humility is to say that am humble enough to listen even if I know most of the things that you are talking about, let me be attentive I may get something that I have never heard.

That’s the right attitude.

Secondly it’s only a humble person who celebrate gifting in other people. They appreciate those who have got outstanding attributes in their respective fields. They tell you “Congrats”, “Keep up” to when you deserve it. They can quickly apologize, say ‘’sorry’’ and promise that will never happen again. Not that they are weak, but only an indicator that they are humble enough to swallow their pride and let go their ego.

No matter how small, humble people will always make you feel important when you are around them.

Be there down to earth and you will just be dumbfounded on how things will take new course in your life.

Whereas all efforts have been made to end up with this blog published  errors and omissions in whatsoever form ,are subject,do not  hesitate to contact the author.


The author doesn’t own some of the images contained herein;they exclusively belong to the copyrighted owners.

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Exams are Just But Part Of The Journey Of Life , Destination Is Still in our Hands!!

Let Not Your Life Be Dictated By Your Academic Failures.


Students sitting for a national exam

Ask Whoever sat for Kenya Certificate Of Secondary education (K. C. S. E) national exams in year 2015 knew what fear and tension means.
All of them were pregnant with expectations, others were not worried much by the grade they would score, they prayed most to the deity they hold dear that their exam should not be canceled.
Wednesday of  that week  (2nd March 2016 the day before release of K.C.S.E) the eave of the release of the national exams the aforesaid students can tell you how viciously fear gripped them ,their stomachs went hollow. The fear of failing surpassed the joy of passing. And overcoming it was near impossible.
Finally the results were out and all students who had gotten excellent grades came on our screens to elucidate on meaning of hard-work and the virtue of having faith in God.
Those who failed had their own excuses.
Their apparent reasons being being crystal clear
Even the blind saw what happened last year when students were sitting for their exams.
Who have forgotten about the outrageous cheating cases and enormous exam leakages?
A student was at wanton liberty to see a paper that was to be done the following day.
Whatsapp messages and images were circulating all over cyber space ,it only needed you to have some pocket data, you get connected and from there on it was not hard to receive exam leakage in advance.
Later on after the release of the results, the “lucky” students scored excellent grades and they vehemently came out in large numbers to celebrate and you are left wondering what they were celebrating.
But in a form of plethoric irony were they really celebrating their hard earned honest results?  Or were they magnificently jubilating upon the best students and schools in cheating?  I dare ask.
Those who never passed were considered idiots in that they cannot memorize what they saw on that paper some hours before the exam.
This grades are given such a weighty importance that if you don’t score to satisfaction the only suitable advice that would be laid upon you is to repeat to give it a second shot.
Others decides to go an extra step going back to form three assuming that’s where they lost track.
All of them struggling to get A’s supposedly because if you get the said grades you are going to be admitted to some our top ranked universities and pursue the most lucrative and competitive courses in Kenya like Engineering, Medicine, Law, Forensic science amongst numerous others.

I have never up to date known who said that getting A’s is a guarantee of future success.
This is a notion which has been created, it never started yesterday and so I don’t aim to end it today.
It was never started by one person and so I alone cannot be able to end it or can i?
There are some who utilize their academic abilities to the maximum and when it’s appears as not pre-requiscitively enough they decide to raise it a notch higher by any means possible,so don’t be puzzled when you see them cheating.
A student whose best ability is to get a B-decides to cheat and lucky enough they get those excellent grades –A’s to be specific and so the big question is: what will happen when they are admitted to do a course that is not equivalent to their know-how?
And wonder why students taking architecture, Forensics, medicine are ever retaking and re-retaking units.
Am not insinuating that getting A’s is bad, you will be surprised when you take a glance at my result slip to find that in almost all the tested subjects I scored plain A’s and even currently I do pass my exams, but I refuse to be defined by them.I consider myself too brilliant to be defined by a single paper. Your ingenuity cannot be defined by an examination. It is unfair that after four or sometimes five years of studying, everything you learn gets down to a two-hour paper. An A child will be of great use to you and me. Well we can’t avoid knocking at their doors at Doctor’s plaza or flying in his jumbo540 planes.

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An A which is genuinely worked for has not lost its meaning, l believe what has lost meaning is that A awarded to a D material that never worked for it. So let me not look like am mocking the fruits of hard work.
We have revolutionized our education systems from knowledge gaining institutions to exam-centered institutions.
That’s why after finishing school most people consider doing academic burning. They totally forget about what they were taught.
I blame it all on our education system. A child is taken to school with one motivational motto   ” Education is the key to life”  but no one bothers to elaborate further what that means. How will it continue being key to life when a child is surrounded by a filthy rich thieves  and  at the same time poor graduates?

Education is just a basis of life and not a means. It should be a platform where one discovers their potential and limitations in order to make wiser decisions with regards to their future but unfortunately an A grade is the target that we all were trained to achieve, anything less than that was/is an abomination. I still have a strong conviction that we need to revert our education systems to the purpose they were supposed to serve or else we wouldn’t have proper doctors to treat us or qualified architects to design our skyscrapers. It would be of enormous importance if we all came to to the realization that we work in synergism.
A millionaire who had a C can’t perform a surgery on his/her heart in case of heart problem, it’s the cardiologist who will rise to the occasion.

We have different roles to play. Quality of grades doesn’t matter what you do with them  does.Our lives shouldn’t be dictated by our academic achievements or failures.
Become an all rounder life has a lot to explore.
Have you ever calculated how far your talent can take you?


Whereas all efforts have been made to end up with this blog published  errors and omissions in whatsoever form ,are subject,do not  hesitate to contact the author.


The author doesn’t own some of the images contained herein;they exclusively belong to the copyrighted owners.

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Spirit of Enthusiasm

“Just as a stagnant water produces a bad smell , so is a stagnant career , it breeds frustration and low morale. ”

bad oduor.jpg

It took some weeks for me to try and apprehend what the term enthusiasm means and among the best description of the word I got was that enthusiasm is  “the spirit of god within”.

Dwelling on this then the Spirit of enthusiasm would simply be termed as the force(from that god) that propels and  keeps us moving  ;thus it  deters us from stagnation.

Stagnation brings to halt  personal and societal development .Just as stagnant water produces a bad smell , so is a stagnant career , it breeds frustration and low morale.

Those are the people who have never ever felt satisfied  with their current dwelling zones. Nobody should be at peace when they keep doing  what they have been doing there before  for  no different outcomes are expected .




In actual sense this is what Albert Einstein termed as Insanity.

You must deliberately make sure that you are doing something much different from what you have been doing otherwise it will be a total of crap.

Rt. Honorable Raila Amolo Odinga is  a  strong  and influential politician who have been eying the presidential seat with all might since year 1997 up-to date .He acts as a good case study reference to those who have a strong conviction that practice practice makes perfect. Standing clear on this, its not going  to be a practice of the same things every now and then and instead its a practice of  junks of  activities targeting the same objective.

When this doesn’t work try that!

Be a game changer use plan B if plan A proves to be futile.

Shuffle those cards again and see the results.

Stagnation will see you nowhere ;and if it will , it will only see you being irrelevant and before long you become totally  nonexistent.

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The fact that your company is the best selling today its not a guarantee that it will remain on top in five years time.

Its time  for the company to keep plugging in new ideas as they emerge in this evolving world .If Nokia the  renown mobile phone  manufacturer would file for bankruptcy then no one of us is immune of being irrelevant.

An idea no matter how brilliant it is; has a shell life and sell by date for they keep being outdated by the current needs and situations.An idea that you are having now will be  totally out of place in ten years time.

What makes your idea suitable today :its merely because of the prevailing circumstances.

If you have any idea may it be in  business , in science,in politics or in any other field rise up and make it practical today.

An idea is good, better when relevant and becomes the best when executed.

If you happen to meet your friend who you last saw in 2010 and then you all over sudden bump onto him in 2016 , then before he greets you the first thing he says is “Oh my God , you haven’t changed a lot”

My dear friend you should be worried and don’t take this as a compliment for all that he has deduced is that you have wasted a whole six years.

YOU in 2010 should be very different from YOU in 2016 in terms of thinking ,building personal capacity , reasoning and emotional balance should be changing as time  and circumstance forces.

In any case change is inevitable.

Embrace upward mobility and forward progress .

Count on me ,things will change if you stick to this.

Whereas all efforts have been made to end up with this blog published  errors and omissions in whatsoever form ,are subject,do not  hesitate to contact the author.


The author doesn’t own some of the images contained herein;the exclusively belong to the copyrighted owners.

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Disrupt The Status Quo

Strive to be a Visionary. 

Some people would wish to continue to hover in the territories of their own familiarity. They fear to get out terrains that they are not accustomed to. We would loosely term this as Fear of Unknown.
They simply cannot try out what they do not know and are very satisfied with where they are at a particular time,may it be in business ,academics, political approach  or just in making  general mileage in life .

This are the same kinds who abides to the law of logic to the latter which states that an A is an A. An Apple is an Apple. In other words, something is what it is and not necessarily what one thinks.

And therefore most of this people would choose to do things the way they found them.
They relentlessly follows status quo and have never dared to disrupt it.
This kind of people is who most of us are and most people you see around follows under this part of a normal curve of –Ordinary People.
Ordinary people never risks they merely are risk covers.

They will never execute a business idea that they have, they can never dare to contest for a democratic post for all that they see is negativity,defeat and impossibility.

A positive mind set is so foreign to them.
They see a glass which is half empty.

If you come across them and tell them to attempt a a particular thing and it happens that they absolutely have no idea ,They will walk away and tell you “THAT’S NOT WHO I AM.”
What a conservative ,rigid and a stifled mindset  they have .People who do not create possibilities of who they can become.

In most case these people subscribe to school of thought that is driven by a cowardly philosophy – BETTER DEVIL YOU KNOW THAN AN ANGEL YOU DO NOT.

They will never lose the sight of the shore and its guaranteed that they will never discover new lands .

This are people who were born with innate ability to crawl but  they would choose to be sitting,though they were meant to walk they choose to be crawling ,they can fly but they prefer to be  walking others totally choose to do nothing.

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Thank God we have ,though few ,special kind of people well known as Visionaries or foresighted men .

People who are foresighted and are  able to imagine and create future at the present moment.

They are able to create a possibility out of impossibility- to them every thing is possible not even the word itself the word says i’m possible.

They fly even when they were bound to walk.

They can crawl even when they were meant to sit.

They see a  glass half full.

They have a positive mindset all the time and are ever  yearning to procure  new knowledge and skills.

However they suffer from constant criticism and ridicule, others would say they are abnormal . Just like i said they are ever positive and you will see them take this as a compliment for they know that its only abnormal people who changes the world


Strive to be a visionary

Now as we wide up the talk  and begin a new year ,Someone is seeing this and evidently realizes that he follows under the category of ordinary people; its high time you rise up ,engage the right gears and catch up with Visionaries as they run this world with great zeal.

Have a foresighted year 2016 as you purpose to be a visionary!!!


Whereas all efforts have been made to end up with this blog published  errors and omissions in whatsoever form ,are subject,do not  hesitate to contact the author.


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What is Your Worth?

Discover what your true value is

If you are in Kenya and you happen to have a 1000 Ksh note and then something odd happens to the note lets say its torn into two but still you can afford to stitch it nicely  or it get dirtied, or so forth ,you will be surprised when you go with the same note to a supermarket that  you will be  able purchase goods worth the same amount  the same way a person with a brand new note can.

So how old or new the note is doesn’t matter so much as it retains the face of a note.

1000 ksh note

1000 Ksh Note

Some day a  well known speaker started off a seminar by holding a One-Thousand Kenya shilling note in a room of two hundred people.

He asked, “Who would like this 1000 Ksh note?

All hands went up.

He said,” Am going to give this to one of you, but first let me do this

He proceeded to crump the 1000 Ksh note.

He then asked, “Who still wants it? “

All hands went up in the air.

Well he replied,” what if i do this? “

And he dropped the note to the floor, he ground  it with his shoes. He picked it up, Now crumpled and dirty.

And asked,” who still wants it? ”

Still the hands went up in the air.

He concluded by saying

“My dear friends you’ve learnt  a very crucial lesson  that no matter what i do to the money you still want it,simply  because it’s not decreasing its value by being crumpled, or ground , its still worth 1000ksh note”


 Just like the note,many times in our lives, we are dropped,
crumpled, and ground into the dirt by the
decisions we make and the circumstances that
come our way.

We feel as though we are
worthless; but no matter what happened or what
will happen, you will never lose your value.
Dirty or clean, crumpled or finely creased, you
are still priceless to those who love you. You are still you.

The worth of
our lives comes, not in what we do or who we
know, but by …WHO WE ARE.”

You will not decrease in value because you are not driving

You will not lose your value because you are stricken by abject of poverty

You will not stop being because you do not lead a luxurious

Your turn is coming

All this will come and go

Faithfully believe in your God and be patient enough

You are special -” don’t ever forget it.”

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To become an Extraordinary or kinda successful person you need not being an extraordinary human being,you need not being a genius -just be ordinary ,do extraordinary things and ultimately obtain extraordinary results.

Lets not allow hardships that we encounter corner us

Own it and you will make it through the difficult moments of this life.


Whereas all efforts have been made to end up with this blog published  errors and omissions in whatsoever form ,are subject,do not  hesitate to contact the author.


Want to be Excellent? Surround Yourself with Excellent People

You are an Average of Five People you Hang Out With

12041209_1645567915660133_1503810492_oEvery person was ,will or is great because of the kind of people he surrounds himself with.

On the other hand every person was,will or is a great failure because of the kind of people he chose to be with.

It used to be a cliché  by many of our teachers back in high school or primary school or even at the Kindergarten level that we should avoid what they termed as “Peer Pressure” but i partly disagree with them.

Evidently because they didn’t  make it crystal clear what kind of peers we should avoid.For instance why should i avoid a friend who shows me how to solve a sum or to write a project work?

Why should i avoid a peer who tells me lets read an extra book?

Why should i avoid a companion who  gives me a totally new business idea which i never had before?

All what am trying to elucidate is, we should qualify and quantify the kind of people we call our friends and our closest associates may it be in business in academics or other places in our lives where success is the utmost stuff .

As we do all this we should ask ourselves what kind of people we  do partner with? Are they people who adds value to our lives ? Are they people who makes us any better?

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I remember one day when the exam scripts were returned and unfortunately two friends who i will seek them to remain anonymous had  gotten zero(0) mark and all what they did after realizing this, was to hysterically laugh at each other in a way that suggested they were comfortable with their ugly scores.Such are kind of people who  we should by all might,distance ourselves from .

Opinion of my thought :if this two were really great friends,they ought to have been sad about this and instead of hysterically laughing a each other they should have suggested on how to make the exam mark better in  future.

Partner with people who sees you better than they found you.

People who suggest on the way forward to see success as the only  ultimate goal-achieved.

Partnership of Android inc  with Samsung birthed a high quality product because partnership involves blending of masterpieces to give product of it own kind and uniqueness.

A friend who seeks to get everything from you doesn’t qualify to be a friend,the only suitable definition for them can only be a parasite.

No matter how much we try resisting what those we hang around with have ,we will always be finding ourselves adopting some of their characters even if it means slowly by slowly.

If this happens to be the case why don’t we hang around with those who have outstanding achievements- so that we may adsorb the good part of them.

Friendship means that you can share all moments without leaving one another when conditions are unfavorable.

One great thing  i know is that no one makes it alone besides person’s hard work and determination a person success will also depend on how he connects with those people who have already made it.


A mentor once told me that no matter how many close people you have in your network, if you want to be truly great, you must have three essential people in your life at all times this are: 

  • A person who is older and more successful than you to learn from
  • A person who is equal to you to exchange ideas with
  • A person below you to coach and keep you energized

Just like dogs, in some cultures,  they are of low regard and one analogy might be that hanging around people of a lowly status is to infest yourself with their issues. Who do you count as your friends? How particular are you? What kind of influence do you have on those around you or do others have more influence over you? Does the influence lift you up or bring you down? Does your influence and integrity waver with the quality of your surroundings?

One must be of strong integrity and faith to maintain influence with others plagued with bad habits. However there is no greater goal than lifting a person up for good.

The ultimate impact, hopefully, draws them closer to God through the example of a loving spirit.


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