Kelvin Ng'ang'a




njokikelvinMy name is KELVIN NG’ANG’A alias Ng’ang’a the Blogger. Am an AWARD WINNING NOMINEE Category of the GIFTED BLOGGER OF THE YEAR

I was born on 15th February 1995 in Kateve a marginalised village in Machakos County Ukambani Land.
Am a first born child of the Late Phillip Muange and Hannah Njoki.
I was born in a family of two other siblings  namely Isaack Munyao andSharon Wambui.
My mother was married as a second wife so in addition to my one blood brother and blood sister i had some other seven step brothers.
In year 1998 there is this one day I curse for
it’s by then that a tragedy faced me and up-to-date i feel it’s at that i point that my life took a turning point. My father was an enterprising merchant trading myriad of goods in the prominent Gikomba Market.

1998 was the last year my lovely dad was breathing . My father relinquished life .
YEAR 1999 I joined Kasinga primary
where I acquired basic literacy and numeracy.

In year 2000 not long after death of my dad family conflicts heightened and as frail as my mother was, she couldn’t have been able to defy, we were forced by by-then circumstances to relocate to Kandara in Muranga County(My Mother’s homeland)

1st January 2001 I was enrolled In newly established St Christine ’ s Academy and an year later intransferred to Ng ’araria.Primary .I sat for Kenya Certificate of Primary
Education in year 2009 and attained 327 /500( B ) Marks.

12th February 2010 I was enrolled in Ng’araria Mixed
Day Secondary School where i studied for four years characterised by endless devotion and
self-denial. It was a bit challenging for the reason that before I got to school i had to walk for over 2 kilometers. When it rained God Knew how i survived.

On 23rd October I sat For K.C.S.E and from the same Day school i was able to put a record that may take a decade before getting broken. I attained a mean grade of A -( 80 ).

On 15th September 2014. I was admitted In Kenyatta University to pursue a Bachelor Of Science Forensic Science.
On 7th March 2015 a feeling to discover who else i can be, came. And after an unmitigated soul searching i came to discover that i can become an eminent inspirational Writer.
I started various blogging sites to reach out in my audience. This sites includes:,

This alone has taken me a level higher to an extent of becoming an award winning Nominee in the category of GIFTED BLOGGER OF THE YEAR (KUSA AWARDS 2016).

To secure myself some side cash i have closely worked with various Secondary schools including Ichagaki Boys, Naaro High School, position of a Peer Teacher.

To me life won’t be awesome without Friends.
You need friends to offer a shoulder to lean on when you are lost and totally hopeless.
Friends to laugh with when life is a walk over the park.
Friends who sees you as an excellent creature while disregarding all of your imperfections.

My favorite Quote :Strive to be relevant, don’t go selling Bikini in the North Pole.