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This webpage has exclusively been reserved for reviews, opinions, critics and feedback from men and women of all walks of this life who are subscribers and readers of this blog site.
This reviews might help you understand the nature of the articles contained herein.
I highly appreciate each and every one of them.

Baroness Okweto

We have all heard of the famous saying that: “We rise by lifting others” It is true. Lifting comes in many ways. One of the most common ones is inspiration. Not everyone can inspire, not everyone can motivate another to be better in this life or have a different perspective towards life’s situations.

Overtime, I have read words of great people primarily on the internet but knowing Ng’ang’a the Blogger came as a blessing in immeasurable ways and most importantly through inspiration and motivation. Every other time I get to read his reads is intense and they ooze HOPE. He is distinct in his writing and a landlord of his own thoughts. I confidently affirm that Kelvin Ng’ang’a stands as a great motivator in my world. We all need motivation and inspiration. Let us read more of Ng’ang’a the Blogger’s good reads, there’s something for all of us.

Vic Nangacho
There are various stages in life that shapes every person’s fate.Having known Mr.Ng’ang’a back in 2014 when i came across his article online depthly covering the inspirations a. The article opened up my mind on this critical field.
I feel appreciated popping out daily on his blog to get in touch with his resourceful detailed reads. I thank God for having such a brilliant friend.

Cynthia Charity.

Too often,our lives are full of tensions and stress.
We no longer know who we really are anymore. It is becoming increasingly hard to acknowledge our own little achievements. In a world that is constantly telling you to be something different,something you are not,and were never created to be,you can choose your own path.Join Kelvin Ng’ang’a on this journey,as he embarks on purposeful living. You will come to realize that ,this isn’t your ordinary blog. It’s blog that has been intensively written articles that provide in-depth and insightful knowledge on the human experiences.
By reading this blog,you get to be inspired,which is what the world needs now,and not only are you going to change yourself,but also your world.
The articles are surely worth a few minutes of your time. Let’s get empowered for a positive change.

Have a productive reading,family.

Meshack Masibo

An inspiring blog sourced from both titillating life stories and positively rambunctious imagination that will always leave you better than it found you, with an awe of resolution and an aura of einsteinic excellence simulatively inveigled in you, it is the life story of a gifted young man recounted through harrowing tales of the trials and tribulations of his life from infancy upto adulthood. Aided with fantastic diagrammatic displays that make it a spectacular blog worth your visit.
I know the author personally and as a friend he’s truly a note worthy inspirer and one should contact him whenever he/she feels they need some encouragement. So kindly take a look at this award winning blog today for the gratuitous wisdom it offers and I promise you will not regret it.

Humphrey M. Mairura

A patient seeks a doctor, a student looks for a teacher and a broken/hopeless soul needs inspiration.Have you reached a point in life where you feel like losing hope, felt downcast and nothing really working good for you? Worry not for there’s only one guy who can give you a priceless inspiration to kick start your life and re-ignite it again.

I recommend one Kelvin Ng’ang’a on his blog – writing and posting masterpiece articles that have for long been a source of inspiration to many. Make it a routine to visit this blog and you will ultimately motivated.

Timothy Mwangi Macharia

Enthusiasm for educative information and exposure to facts of life are some of the most important aspects I love about the articles on this site. There’s nothing more fulfilling than to learn a fact you didn’t know about the life you thought you lived so well. The forensics in this articles are even more captivating. To get such a writer who’s love and devotion to research and quality presentation of what they do is extremely rare. To my opinion, if you just spared 20minutes a day for this site, you will spare yourself 20minutes of not-knowing every day.

It’s just that for now.